Avoid the Crisis | WWF Water files
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WWF South Africa sends out weekly Wednesday Water Files to update and assist residents and businesses in the Western Cape to prepare for Day Zero.

1. What will happen on Day Zero

17th January 2018

2. Getting to grips with ground water

24th January 2018

3. How to secure safe drinking water

31st January 2018

4. What to do when you can’t flush the loo

7th February 2018

5. The power of pulling together

14th February 2018

6. Keeping the doors open

21st February 2018

7. Debunking desalination

28th February 2018

8. We are not alone

7th March 2018

9. Living the water-less life

14th March 2018

10. Water doesn’t come from a tap

21th March 2018