Avoid the Crisis | Our campaign
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December 2017, due to the drought in Cape Town and the then impending Day Zero, Angle Orange decided to create a campaign called Avoid the crisis in order to spread awareness about the Water crisis and to encourage Cape Townians to save water. After creating a series of short videos (within days) communicating what life will be like without water they were uploaded o‌nto Youtube. We also created a Facebook page called Avoid the Crisis where the videos were also posted, along with daily water saving tips thereafter. We, at the same time, created a website called Avoid the Crisis.org where the videos, water saving tips, tools and relevant facts are shown, such as the current Western Cape dam levels and new info‌rmation as it is released from trusted sources like the City of Cape Town and WWF. Our reason was purely to assist in preventing a pending crisis and discovering there was a need for info‌rmation to be distributed after we did much research. All fully sponsored by Angle Orange and one of our clients, Edward Snell.